Collaborating with an array of creative brands or with enthusiastic clients is one of the great joys of being an artist.
I always want to hear from brands and individuals who have special projects in mind.

Fabric, paper, wallpapers, furniture, content for your Instagram… there truly are no limits to where we can apply our creative ideas.  

Please get in touch at mia@clementinasketchbook.com with the following details to help us respond as precisely as possible:

Your ideas
Your timeline
Your budget

Bookings are dependant on availability.
Average waiting list time is currently five to six months.

Discover our Special Projects & Collaborations


Bespoke Invitation & Menus for Paloroma’s launch with Nordstrom over breakfast.


HHH logo & Summer Nap Dress Illustration Creation Reels for Instagram


“Blue & White” Collection Collaboration: stationery cards, notepads, place cards.

”It was such fun to work with Filipa – she is a hurricane of enthusiasm with impeccable taste.
We wanted to celebrate her love of blue hues, her signature style as well as reference her love of Portuguese design and the welcoming spirit found there so I designed the Blue and White Collection complete of stationery cards, place cards, menus and notepads.”


VOGUE logo illustration & Creative watercolour workshop videos on Instagram

”This was a wonderful lock-down surprise. I was approached by Vogue and Frame for a few video collaborations for their Instagram. Together we created these fun Make-Your-Own Stationery videos with some tips on how to use watercolors and how to decide on a lay out for your design. The stationery that came out is one of my absolute favourite!”

”I also had a chance to tap in my creative inner child again, and was able to playfully guide a video for children with so many different and fun colouring techniques for their Vogue June 2020 issue!”


Bespoke birthday invitation at Caviar Kaspia

”Racil’s birthday always falls during Paris Fashion week. So we made sure that her dinner party menu was as glamorous and chic as the occasion called for. Set at Caviar Kaspia in the heart of Paris, I obviously had to use their signature turquoise color of their table cloths, as the signature background colour of the menu. The menu is ’silently’ brought to you by the different hands holding key foods, and of course wearing Racil’s original jacket designs!”


Bespoke illustrations for a photoshoot to celebrate the year of the Pig in China

”To celebrate the beginning of the year of the Pig in China, Pomellato visualized a photoshoot of their most fun pieces with my watercolors of many a piggy as their background. The result: a fresh and pink campaign!”


Charcoal drawings of African animals for a Special Edition Handkerchiefs collection

”A collaboration born from a shared love for Africa and wildlife. I drew these iconic and majestic creatures on colored paper and with charcoals. We applied them on Massimo’s signature handkerchiefs, and this beautiful collaboration that raised money for wildlife was born. 10% of sales went to African Parks.”


Bespoke place cards for Easter table set

”I really love Alice Naylor-Leyland’s table set designs, so I reached out highlighting the clear-as-day synergy in our aesthetics. We then created the cutest place cards for her Easter table set.”


Bespoke stationery & pattern illustrations for the ready-to-wear brand

”Danielle has been a loyal supporter since I started my watercolors adventure, and this brought us to many a project between me and her lovely luxury resort wear brand. One of my favorite being this charming work & personal stationery design we created to convey the aesthetic of her brand, while maintaining a personal and sweet touch.”

”Of course we couldn’t miss playing around with the fashion element of her brand, and so we recreated some of the looks from her collections in watercolours to add an extra hand-painted spin to her branding.”

Would you like to work together or have an idea for a collaboration?

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