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what Our clients say...


We create fun watercolour designs for stationery, events, wall-art, branding and more,
turning memories into art and adding a little magic along the way.

Our BOUTIQUE is your gateway to Clementina’s world, with regular new product launches
to make homes, events and stationary prettier – plus anything can be personalised.

Our BESPOKE service is for anyone who wants to turn their specific ideas into a watercolour world. Whether it’s for a baby’s birth, a wedding, a party, or a present, Clementina will personally work alongside you to pick out details from your life, blend it with her aesthetic
and deliver it to your doorstep.

A Little Something for You

Clementines make for cute backgrounds!

A sweet little gift I created for you to decorate your phone.

Happy screen time!


Step inside our water-colour world of fun! Let your imagination run wild, and choose dreamy, illustrated products for your home, events or birthdays – or just because you want to.


There is something really special about personalising the things you love. For any product you order, you can add a name – including a house or pet’s – an inside joke or even a declaration of love…


Give it a few days and these watercolours will be on your doorstep… if you love them, please do mention us on Instagram.

Looking for something more specific?
Send us an email about what watercolour world you’re hoping to create and we’ll do the rest.