Sketching Up with Viola and Vera Arrivabene

Sketching Up with Viola and Vera Arrivabene

You in one sentence

Vera: Good soul, practical, coherent and loyal
Viola: Practical, spoiled eye and ready for adventures!

On your desk

Vera: My Agenda, Lap top and colour charts everywhere
Viola: Pennarelli in all kind of different colours and shades! And fabrics in every colour and pattern.

On your
bedside tablE

Vera: Book, Body and Hand Lotion
Viola: Book - at the moment Marie Antoinette by Stefan Zweig.

Go to stationery piece

Vera: Stabilo Coloured pens
Viola: Pennarelli

Seaside or
mountain homE

Vera & Viola: Seaside

Country or city

Vera & Viola: City

Placé dinner
or stand up cocktail

Vera & Viola: Placé Dinner

Best party

Vera: A friend’s Birthday Party
in Montespertoli – near Florence
Viola: My parties!

Last party

Vera: My best friend’s wedding
Viola: My bday!

Digital or paper invitation

Vera & Viola: Paper!

dinner-party touch

Vera: Flowers
Viola: Frozen glasses Martinis
as a first drink!

star sign

Vera: Leo
Viola: Gemini

Last thank you note

Vera: To thank a friend
for an amazing weekend in Sicily
Viola: For an unforgettable holiday

Next Thank you note

Vera: If you send me a gift
I’ll send you a thank you note!
Viola: Hopefully for another unforgettable
memory that will come up soon

Favourite Clementina Sketchbook piece

Vera: The Magnolia Cards
Viola: Ribbon cards

On your radar

Vera: A trip to somewhere far from Italy
Viola: The sea!

Last letter wrote

Vera: To my boyfriend
Viola: Too long ago will write one now!

Most proud

Vera & Viola: ViBi Venezia

Favourite adventure destination

Vera: All around the world
Viola: Every day should be a beautiful adventure

or home wedding

Vera & Viola: Home Wedding

or block painting

Vera & Viola: Both! Mixed!

Top 3 on your Bucket List

Cruise At North Pole
Learn from myself and my mistakes
Spread ViBi Venezia worldwide
Arrive in venice for the first time
on a sale boat at sunset
Change someone’s life in better
Know myself better

What makes a home

Vera & Viola: People you love

V is for Viola/Vera and…

Viola: Vendetta!


Vera: L’Amica Geniale
Viola: Marie Antoinette by Stefen Zweig

A book you wished
never ended

Vera: Auntie Mame
Viola: Farewell princess by Kenize Mourad


Vera & Viola: Dogs

My motto is

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