Sketching Up with Veronica Varekova

Sketching Up with Veronica Varekova

You in one sentence

Endlessly curious

On your desk

My reading glasses

On your
bedside tablE

Creme de La Mer and the Economist

most proud achievement

Transporting five European zoological eastern black rhinos back to Africa

SeasidFlying camp
or five start hotel

Bisate Lodge, Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

best adventure

There are too many to mention.
I think climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
could be one of them

Next adventure

Working on a conservation project in DRCongo

Bush or beach


Most important feature in a friend


Clementina Sketchbook piece

The Safari cards

dinner-party touch

Wild flowers and candles

Digital or paper invitation

I used to love sending and receiving paper invitations,
but being mindful of deforestation, I go with digital these days

Go to stationery piece

Clementina Sketchbook

star sign


a mission close to heart

Protecting wildlife
and its natural habitat

Wild moment

Tandem skydiving

Who to follow now

@jordan.b.peterson. I just love
his podcast, he has interesting guests, touches interesting topics…His mind and the way of thinking is in my opinion extraordinary, provocative and stimulating.

A story
worth telling

It is a story about the 5 black rhinos transported to Rwanda. Stay tuned, the documentary film I have co-produced is coming this fall

lucky animal


On your radar


Next Thank you

To my friend for hosting a fabulous dinner

Top 3 on your Bucket List

Life is a continued adventure for me. I don’t have a Bucket list

V is for VERONICA and…



No pets

Go-to look

Denim on denim

A book you wished
never ended

Little Prince

Reading now

Blood Oil by Leif Wenar

My motto is

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