Sketching Up with Louise Roe

Sketching Up with Louise Roe

You in one sentence

I live in London with my husband, daughter and second daughter on the way - any day now!
I'm a fashion journalist and broadcaster, with a huge interior design fetish!

On your desk

Lots of stationery - I'm a stationery nerd! My Petra Palumbo water carafe, Smythson diary,
a couple of framed photos, and often fresh flowers too.

On your
bedside tablE

More flowers! A novel or two that I never seem to open (too tired), some earrings, a scrunchie, glass of water, lip balm.

Go to stationery piece

Clementina Sketchbook notes of course! I am a big fan of the handwritten thank you letter,
written in proper ink from a fountain pen.

Seaside or
mountain homE

Mountain in winter, i love to ski.

Country or city

A bit of both!

Placé dinner
or stand up cocktail

Neither - my husband and I love drinks and snacks sitting up at the bar. We did that the night we got engaged and it's just more sociable and fun.

Best party

I went to some corkers in LA,
they really go nuts with the catering there, I miss taco trucks!

Last party

Sadly I can barely remember, being pregnant plus Covid has rather been the fun police! When we first moved back to London (from LA) we went to a hilarious themed birthday in a fake prison in Soho, it was lead by actors and pretty funny. They serve you cocktails in your cells.

Digital or paper invitation


dinner-party touch

Effort with creating signature cocktails, it is always really appreciated and gets the party started.

star sign


Last thank you note

To a friend, for her baby shower

Next Thank you note

Probably newborn-related!

Favourite Clementina Sketchbook piece

Her signature clementine thank you cards with a green ribbon around the edge, I want to create something similar with her for an upcoming event…

On your radar

All the fantastic antique and vintage sellers cropping up - Fiona Finds,
By Alice Home, Lou & Pickle,
Host Home

Most proud

Becoming a Mum, by far.
I'm also launching another company this Summer which i've been working on for over a year, and i'm really proud of that! It's in the interiors space
and I can't wait to share more.

Favourite adventure destination

Bali - it's magical there and full of adventures

What makes a home


Top 3 on your Bucket List

Tangier, Comporta, Capetown

Wallpaper or paint

Both - I love a painted window frame next to wallpaper, I'm currently renovating

and planning a few rooms like that.

best kept secret

Martinis at Duke's

best kept secret

The Little Door

Who will receive
your birth announcement first?

Gosh I'm not sure, probably the baby's grandparents!


Not at the moment

Reading now

Swan Song by Kelleigh Greenberg-Jephcott, about Truman Capote's long-standing friendship
with New York's society 'Swans'
before he betrayed them all and spilled their secrets.

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